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Unconditional LOVE

I am not perfect, nor do I profess to be. I am a simple, loving and loyal person who did the best I could for others more than myself. Once you’re  a caring person it’s always easy to get caught up with catering to others, some of whom never even care how you eat, drink or live.

These people can be relatives , acquaintance , stranger and people who considered you as a friend or as a helping hand. I have lived  my life with little regrets, but I’m still a work in progress. Despite being a superwoman to many, I always attract an arch nemesis.

Doing good can caused so much pain sometimes, but the appreciative ones kept me going. I tried my best to remain the bigger person. It’s no joke holding on to ball of fire and not expecting to be burnt.

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How do one go about being the agent of change when change is not welcomed there ?
Imagine looking for someone that’s missing but don’t want to be found ?

Life had always given me a raw deal, including the very same people I give my best to . Amidst the constant hurt and pain I often endure.

I must say being good is my nature but as we know nature do change eventually. Despite the changing environment and people, I pray to God that my good heart will still remain the same.

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